Aluminum/PI Shielding Tape

Polyimide film laminated aluminum foil

  • Total thickness: (10μm to over 100μm) ±3μm
  • PI layer thickness: (≥2μm) + aluminum layer (≥4μm)
  • Tensile strength: ≥30Mpa
  • Width: 0.5mm to 990mm
  • Elongation: ≥30%Min
  • Packaging: rolls(D30), sheets, 76mm removable rolls, inverted cone packaging

Aluminum/PI shielding tape reflects heat radiation and ensures stable operating temperatures for critical hardware that are excellent insulators and fire resistant materials. PI plastic is one of the most heat-resistant engineering plastics, able to withstand high temperatures, excellent mechanical properties, fatigue resistance, flame retardant, dimensionally stable, good electrical properties, low molding shrinkage, resistant to oils, general acids, organic solvents . It is not alkali resistant, but has excellent abrasion resistance.



Shielding laminates, unlike metal, are non-conductive at their core. While metals like copper are conductive by nature, shielding laminates formed with non-metals excel as insulating or signal shielding materials, which do not respond to electric fields and resist the flow of electric charge.

Shielding laminates are often categorized based on the type of matrix material used. The four main categories of shielding laminates are Polymer Matrix Composites (PMC), Metal Matrix Composites (MMC), Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) and Carbon Matrix Composites (CAMC).

Cable tie methods include longitudinal ties and cross braids. Cross braiding is further divided into transverse braiding and diagonal braiding. Longitudinal braiding is used for core wires that do not need to be stranded as a whole and do not require flexibility. Cross braiding is a high speed process with good flexibility.

Hot melt adhesive laminated aluminum foil films are divided into two types: aluminum/PE shielding film and aluminum/PVE shielding tape. They use MQ-40 polymer as heat sealing adhesive, which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, complying with the latest version of EU RoHS environmental regulations. The other type is self-adhesive laminated aluminum foil with genuine EAA self-adhesive film, which ensures good heat-seal adhesion and long-term stability at lower preheating temperatures.

Shielding Materials

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