HVAC Duct Tapes


HVAC duct tape is a type of aluminum tape used to seal and wrap HVAC ducts, specifically to insulate HVAC ducts.

HVAC duct tape is made from aluminum film, but it is more than just pure film. HVAC duct tape is based on aluminum film of varying thicknesses, coated with different pressure-sensitive adhesives. Aluminum backing ranges from 18um to 150um, with a common thickness of about 50um. Thicker foils provide higher tensile strength to the tape.

Specific applications include

  • In hot water recirculating heating systems and geothermal system piping, HVAC tapes are commonly used to wrap insulation around heated pipes due to the superior heat and light reflectivity of aluminum backing.
  • In ventilation ducts, dryer vents, kitchen exhaust ducts, and air ducts, it can seal together air handlers, connecting fittings, rigid and flexible ducts, metal sheets, and other components to prevent leaks.
  • HVAC tape seals any leaks, ensuring a tight seal for air conditioning duct joints and connections, as well as insulating the HVAC ductwork.

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