Electrical & Thermal Conductive Tapes and Fabrics

Conductive thermal conductive tapes and films are mainly composed of conductive fabrics, usually based on polyester fiber fabrics. After pretreatment, it is coated with a metal layer by means of vacuum coating to give it metallic properties and become a conductive fiber fabric.


  • Electronics: Electrically and thermally conductive tapes and films are used to eliminate electromagnetic interference, prevent signal interference, and provide antistatic properties to protect electronic products from static damage.
  • Medical Devices: Conductive tapes and films are utilized in the production of medical electrodes, pressure-sensitive sensors, and other medical equipment to enhance sensitivity and precision.
  • Anti-Static Materials: Conductive tapes and films can be used to create anti-static mats, anti-static clothing, and other anti-static materials, ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment.
  • Automotive Electronics: Conductive tapes and films are used in automotive electronic systems for troubleshooting, data transmission, etc. to improve the reliability and safety of automotive electronic systems.

Customization Options

  • Non-metal materials: PEN, PET, PPS, PP, PI, PTFE, EPTFE.
  • Metal materials: aluminum, copper, gold, silver, nickel, tin, indium, and others.
  • Processing techniques: laminating and vacuum metalizing


Shielding laminates

Vacuum metallized films & fabrics

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Substrate Pre-Cleaning

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Metal Coating

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