As a leading manufacturer specializing in shielding materials, Hop Chuan offers a wide range of quality products. Our products include polyester film tapes, aluminum foil tapes, copper foil tapes, conductive fabrics and more. We are proud of the certifications and patents we have earned, such as IECQ, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, Energy Saving Laminated Copper Foil Laminator, High Efficiency Copper Foil Slitter, Copper Foil Slitter Winder, and more. You can confidently rely on our products for your shielding material needs. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

IECQ Certification(English)




High-Precision Laminators for Ultra-Thin Film Laminates

Combined-Structure Wire Winding Drum

Energy-Efficient Laminators for Laminated Copper Foils

Copper Foil Slitting and Winding Machine

High-Efficiency Copper Foil Slitting Machine

High-Speed Reeling and Laminating Machine

High-Precision High-Speed Slitting Machine

Equipment for Making Rewinders with Inverted Cone Shape and Shaft Structure

Rewinders with Inverted Cone Shape and Shaft Structure

Slitting Machines Easily to Be Assembled

Film Printing and Laminating Machine

Wire Winding Drum with Cone Groove Structure

Tension Control Lever

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Shielding Materials