Aluminum Metallized PET Film

Vacuum metallized polyester film

  • Total thickness: (10μm to over 100μm) ±3μm
  • PET layer thickness: (≥1.6μm) + aluminum layer (≥0.1μm)
  • Tensile strength: ≥30Mpa
  • Width: 0.5mm to 990mm
  • Elongation rate: ≥30% minimum
  • Packaging: rolls(D30), sheets, 76mm removable rolls, inverted cone packaging

Aluminized PET film is vacuum-vapor coated with aluminum on the surface of the film, which has high dielectric constant, excellent insulation, heat insulation, and strong tensile properties.




Vacuum metallization includes vacuum deposition, sputtering, ion plating and other methods to form various metallic and non-metallic thin films on the surface of products in a vacuum environment to achieve the effect of electroplating.

The main difference between electroplating and vacuum metallizing is cost. Vacuum metallization is usually more expensive and has a higher process complexity than electroplating.

Cable tie methods include longitudinal ties and cross braids. Cross braiding is further divided into transverse braiding and diagonal braiding. Longitudinal braiding is used for core wires that do not need to be stranded as a whole and do not require flexibility. Cross braiding is a high speed process with good flexibility.
  • Copper/PET shielding tapes is primarily used in various fields, such as extremely fine coaxial wires, low-loss antennas (computers), solar cell wires, etc.
Shielding Materials

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