Shielding Tapes and Films for Communication


In communication cables, numerous electronic devices and signal transmission lines are susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI). Tape laminated aluminum foil as a shielding material, effective isolation and shielding of electromagnetic interference, improve the quality and reliability of communications.

The shielding performance of laminated aluminum foil tapes mainly depends on the conductivity of the aluminum layer and its shielding efficiency. The aluminum layer of the tape’s laminated aluminum foil exhibits excellent electrical conductivity, effectively absorbing and reflecting electromagnetic waves, thus reducing the impact of electromagnetic interference on signal transmission.

In addition, the shielding efficiency of laminated aluminum foil tapes is affected by their thickness and surface finish. Generally speaking, laminated aluminum foil tapes with a more uniform surface treatment and greater thickness are more effective in shielding.

In summary, in the communications industry, the primary role of tapes laminated aluminum foil is interference shielding and isolation within communication cables, aimed at improving communication quality and reliability.

Product Dimensions

  • Total Thickness: (10μm to over 100μm) ±3μm
  • Non-metallic base layer thickness: (≥1.6μm)
  • Metal layer thickness: (≥0.1μm)
  • Tensile Strength: ≥30Mpa
  • Width: 0.5mm to 990mm
  • Elongation: ≥30% Min
  • Heat Sealing Strength: 3.5KG


Shielding Laminates for Automotive

Shielding Laminates for Automotive

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