Vacuum metallized and laminated tapes and film products have a wide range of applications in the age of technology. Wires are used in a variety of industries and improving their performance is a constant consideration. As a multifunctional materials company, we are committed to advancing the use of more advanced materials in a variety of industries, thereby advancing the industry as a whole.


Shielding Tapes and Films for Automotive

We specialize in processing cable shielding materials, working closely with clients to design and produce customized cable shielding solutions. We have a strong partnership with automotive cable manufacturers, offering cable bundling, insulation, and shielding solutions.


Shielding Tapes and Films for Communication

The primary application of tapes laminated aluminum foil in the communications industry is for interference shielding and isolation in communication cables, ensuring reliable signal transmission. Within communication cables, numerous electronic devices and signal transmission lines are susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI).


Shielding Tapes and Films for Industrial Applications

We offer a wide range of standard coated and composite industrial products. Most of these can be pressure-sensitive or thermal-insulated materials, with or without release liners. We excel in improving existing products or collaborating with clients to design entirely new flexible materials, which is our expertise.


Shielding Tapes and Films for Medical

We offer products specially designed for medical device wire manufacturing. We collaborate deeply with medical device wire manufacturers to ensure these specialized equipment is more stable and secure, enabling healthcare professionals and patients to use them effectively. We focus on developing highly precise coatings, lightweight materials, and other unique applications.


Shielding Laminates for Automotive

Shielding Laminates for Automotive

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Unleash the possibilities with our laminating expertise and create multi-layer structures with flexible substrates tailored to your project needs. With more than a decade of experience, we offer laminates in a variety of materials.

Discover vacuum metallization – a precise process for depositing metal onto plastic parts in a vacuum chamber. We are your partner for environmentally friendly surface treatments.

Substrate Pre-Cleaning

Substrate Pre-Cleaning

Metal Coating

Metal Coating

Defect Detection & Cutting