Flame Retardant Tapes and Films

Identification & Marking tape typically uses PET material as the base, which serves various functions such as wire harness bundling, cable management, and color marking. It comes in multiple colors for applications in warehouses, stages, and electrical systems.

Common applications include

  • Thermal Insulation: Used to seal interfaces of pipes and ventilation ducts, preventing energy and heat loss, and enhancing energy efficiency.
  • Waterproof Sealing: Applied to seal interfaces of appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, and cold storage units, preventing water or moisture infiltration.
  • EMI Shielding: Used to shield electromagnetic radiation in electronic products, reducing electromagnetic interference.
  • Pipe Protection: Applied to protect pipes from corrosion, abrasion, or other damage.
  • Packaging and Decoration: Used for packaging and decorating gifts, food items, and products like utensils, candies, and chocolates.
  • Labeling and Identification: Utilized for making labels and identification tags for wires, cables, pipes, and equipment.
  • Outdoor Protection: Applied to safeguard outdoor pipes and equipment, such as air conditioning units and pipes on exterior walls.


Shielding laminates

Vacuum metallized films & fabrics

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