Our lamination capabilities allow for the creation of multi-layer structures using a variety of flexible substrates. The specific substrate used depends on your project requirements. As a specialized company with over 10 years of lamination experience, we give our customers access to laminates made from a wide range of materials. In addition to these substrates, we also offer film laminates and can produce shielding laminates up to 990 mm in width. Lamination can also be combined with our vacuum metallization expertise to produce truly unique products.

Common film laminating structures we can produce for you include

Since our inception, we have been working with our customers to develop and customize various types of products across multiple industries. We also work with you in the strictest confidence to fully understand the key performance parameters of your desired product. We are committed to taking your product design from concept to full commercialization through a systematic and effective approach.

Successful bonding of two or more substrates to precise specifications drives our lamination business. We specialize in the manufacture of roll-to-roll film laminated metal foils on a wide range of flexible web materials. Our team of experts is personally involved in customizing solutions to ensure that our customers get the laminated structures they want. The adhesives we use can withstand extreme conditions and can be applied to a wide range of different materials.

Substrate Pre-Cleaning

Substrate Pre-Cleaning

Metal Coating

Metal Coating

Defect Detection & Cutting


Parameters (to be supplemented with other parameters of customer concern)

Substrate: Various material film roll-to-roll laminating and vacuum metallization (metal, non-metal)

Production Width: 500mm to 990mm

Thickness Range: 10μm and above


Multi-layer laminated materials

Room temperature lamination

Solvent-free lamination


Heat lamination


Vacuum Metalizing

Vacuum metalizing, also known as vacuum deposition, is the process of physically depositing metal materials onto plastic components within a vacuum chamber.


Our laminating capabilities enable the creation of multi-layered structures using various flexible base materials.

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