Shielding Materials Manufacturer

Since 2012, customers from all over the world have come to rely on Guangdong Hechuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd for the production and manufacturing of shielding materials. We offer a variety of shielding materials, including polyester film tapes, aluminum foil tapes, copper foil tapes, conductive fabrics, and more. Furthermore, our shielding materials exhibit excellent performance, such as flame retardant, thermal insulation, EMI shielding, electric & thermal conductivity. Moreover, our shielding materials are utilized in numerous industries, including automotive cables, communication cables, industrial cables and medical industry.

  • We are renowned for producing high-quality shielding materials, and each collaboration serves as a testament to our quality, with our shielding materials being certified under ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, and ISO45001 health management system.
  • Our two distinctive processing methods are laminating and vacuum metallizing. Through these methods, we can laminate metal films with plastic films to create higher-performing shielding materials.


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Shielding Materials